Saturday, January 22, 2011

Seize the opportunity that everything you have

School nearly a month, met a lot of new friends ,
This is what I want.
At home by family members, out by friends.

In this month, think a lot of things.
Whenever I see something,
I will put it to very complex,
to become fanciful.

Such as today ,
Moral teacher let us think about
after five years what will you want?
Then I wrote, I hope i was still alive. Neurotic!
Stop thinking!
Think something is going to happen.

Did not go to school for three days next week,
because I finally attend competition!
Although there is no good strength, skills,
But I hope I can seize this opportunity,
win an honor for the school,
and get the 1st champion in my life.

Sorry friends
that I can not accompany you all eating during the recess time,
Don't feel lonely!