Friday, March 4, 2011

Implementation, If you Made The Promise

To dance, t
o move, to inspire,
This is the true gift to dance.

You told me if that things you don't know ,
you should have to learn it then.
You told me if that things could not have understood,
you should have to go all understand?

I do not know from when,
I had a vague sense of interest for dancing.
Whenever I see people dancing,
I do not know why will have an inexplicable sense excitement.

From today, originally,
I would have a another challenge in life,
but just a disagree then ruined my whole dream.

you said I was timid, ya that's true,
so that I don't want to be timid way and i wan to dance!
want to break through, i want to stronger !

Because of the trust of my friends
therefore may have a great deal of change.
Please achieved
if you made a promise.

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